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FREE Picnik Premium

Sad, but true… Picnik will be shutting down!  I loved using their services for all my photo editing.  There is some silver lining in this for you… from now until APRIL 19th, 2012, you can get Picnik’s PREMIUM services for free.  Enjoy these last few weeks….


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Happy LEAP Year!

It’s February 29th!  A date that only comes every 4yrs.  In our household, this is not a date that is celebrated or even thought of that much.  But, I do admit that is a day that should be noteworthy.  Some celebrate their Birthdays or even Anniversaries on Leap Year.  I couldn’t imagine only having my actual birthdate every 4yrs!  Would that make me younger??  Litterally, it should… but years pass.  Interesting!  Ok, there was some food for thought! I wanted this post to be more informative than a personal blab of Leap Year thoughts, Lol!

I want to take this opportunity to inform you, my readers, that I’ve been posting pictures of my “mini-hauls” (aka coupon shopping trips) and posting them to my Facebook Page.  It is yet to be determined as to how I want to incorporate them into my blog. Eventually, I hope to be posting the pictures on here, too!  Enjoy… and, Happy Leap Year!

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