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Every year I look forward to MARCH MADNESS!¬† There is nothing like College Sports, so very exciting ūüôā¬†¬† In case you do not know, March Madness is the Tournament held every March for the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament.¬† It begins with 64 Collegiate teams from across the USA.¬† The teams¬†are divided into¬†four divisions that compete vs. each other until only two teams remain to battle for the right to call themselves, CHAMPION!

Even if you do not follow NCAA Basketball, Basketball in general or even Sports for that matter… I suggest that you take a shot and fill out a NCAA bracket!¬† A bracket is the diagram that shows the NCAA teams and the structure of how games are played.¬† Now, any “good” team can have a bad game and any “bad” team can have a good game.¬† So your guess is as good as any!¬†¬† “Good” teams are described as those who have a good winning record during their team’s season.¬† If this is a factor you want to consider when selecting teams on your bracket, you can research each team’s record or you can take notice of the number associated with¬†each team.¬† In each of the four divisions the teams have a number¬†beside them, 1-16.¬† Number 1 obviously is chosen as the favored of that division and tend to have the best winning record of that division.¬† Select who will win each game.¬†¬† Also, just incase your bracket is tied for the #1 spot, you must enter a Tiebreaker Points, the total about of points that will be scored by both teams in the championship game OR the score of the final game, varies per contest!)¬† Here’s what the Bracket looks like:

Super Simple! You can do this! And, the kicker of it all??? Most bracket contests have a prize! So, why not take a shot?¬† Some do require that you pay to enter, but since I’m not a gambler… I enter my bracket choices in contests in which I do not gamble at the shot of winning the prize.¬† You can find these contests in a variety of areas in your life!¬† Check your local paper! Many newspapers have their own local competition! Also, many sites online have a contest (local and national).¬† Even check at the office, many offices¬† have a pool to enter, however this does usually cost a small fee to enter. Here are some of the contests that I’ve entered, with no entry fee:

Local Contests:

LorainCounty.com¬†–¬†¬† Prizes for top 3: 1st $1/pt, 2nd $0.50/pt, 3rd $0.25/pt!¬† Your entry must be entered by 11:30am 3/15 and you must reside or work in Lorain County to enter. *Note: This contest is for those 18yrs +, minors must have parental consent.

Cleveland.com –¬†¬† Chance to win $10,000!!¬† If you don’t want to spend time selecting your teams, they have a quick pick feature!!¬† Brackets close 3/15 in the AM!

National Contests:

Yahoo РPrize 5 million for a PERFECT (all game winners picked correctly), Best Bracket will win $10,000.  Entries accepted until 12:15pm 3/15

Espn РBrackets close @ NOON EST 3/15. Finish in the top 1% for a chance at $10,000


LIKE Digiorno Pizza¬†on FaceBook as they are giving away $10,000 as a March Madness contest.¬† No bracket-filling-out needed!¬† You can enter once per day ūüôā

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