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Couponing with “Our Family”

In my last post I spoke of the brand “Our Family,” now offering coupons.  These coupons cannot be found in any coupon insert. You must visit their website, click HERE, and you can print a variety of coupons.  Not only can I save money do to their already low prices, but now I can combine those prices with coupons that double at my local IGA (up to $0.99 face value)! Hooray!

Yesterday, I printed off some Our Family coupons and headed out to IGA.  I am not familiar with the pricing and I wanted to find out if it’s cheaper to remain couponing with the Name Brand Products or if I should continue to take advantage of Our Family’s printable coupons.

Here’s what I bought:

I only purchased Our Family products that I had a coupon for.  Here’s the break down:

  • Tub of Soft Spread (64oz): $2.89 – ($0.50 Q x 2 DBL!)  = $1.89
  • Can of Tomato Sauce:  $0.89 – ($0.25 Q x 2 DBL!) = $0.39
  • OJ: $2.99 – ($0.50 Q x 2 DBL!) = $1.99
  • Vegetable Oil (48oz) :  $3.99 – ($0.50 Q x 2 DBL!) = $2.99
  • Vinegar (85oz):  $3.29 – ($0.50 Q x 2 DBL!) = $2.29
  • Frozen Tater Puffs: $3.19 – ($0.50 Q x 2 DBL!) = $2.19
  • Margarine Sticks (1lb):  $1.39 – ($0.25 Q x 2 DBL!) = $0.89
  • BBQ Sauce:  $1.69 – ($0.50 Q x 2 DBL!) = $0.69
  • Pickles – Hamburger Dill Chips: $2.09 – ($0.50 Q x 2 DBL!) = $1.09
  • Toaster Pastries: $2.15 – ($0.50 Q x 2 DBL!) = $1.15
  • Raisin Bran Cereal: $2.99 – ($0.55 Q x 2 DBL!) = $1.89

$27.55 before the coupons were applied.  After coupons my total came to: $16.95, a $avings of 38%.

I’m still not sold on purchasing Off Brand products.  It appears that I still save more buying Name Brand Products with coupons.   For the above mentioned shopping trip, the items that I believe to have gotten a terrific price (per oz) on were:  Vinegar, Tomato Sauce, BBQ Sauce, Pickles and the Toaster Pastries.  What are your thoughts?  Will you coupon with Our Family Products?

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Great time to try Velveeta Skillets!

I wanted to share a bit as to how to maximize your dollar!  Match sales witih coupons!!  And, don’t give in to your impulses.  Whenever a new product is introduced, I tend to want to buy it… just so I can try it! It takes self-control, but it pays off.  Here’s my most recent example…

Fairly new on the market, Velveeta proves they are more than just Cheese or Shells & Cheese!  They’ve introduced Velveeta Skillets!  I’ve been wanting to try it, but have been waiting until there was a coupon!  In Sunday’s (3/18) SmartSource (SS) insert, there was a coupon for: Velveeta Cheesy Skillets Dinner Kits or Cheesy Potatoes, expiring 4/18/12.  The value of this Q is $0.75/1.  Their on sale this week at the Oberlin IGA, 2/$4.   It was time for me to buy! I had TWO Q’s, here’s how I got them for $0.50/ea!

  • Coupons with the face value of up to $0.99 are DOUBLED at IGA. 
  • I had TWO coupons for $0.75/1.  $0.75 x 2 (Qs) = $1.50 x 2 (doubling) = $3.00
  • Buy TWO boxes at 2/$4:  $4.00 – $3.00 in Qs = $1.00 for TWO 🙂

IGA’s shelf price was $2.89 each.  By being patient and applying coupons to sales, I saved $5.78 on two boxes… 83%!

**As IGA’s are independently owned, check with your local IGA to see if you can score the same deal!

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SoftSoap Body Wash Sale!

Rumor has it, that starting next week (3/25), CVS will be having a terrific sale on SoftSoap Body Wash!  Normally priced between $3-$6, you can get THREE for $1 ea!  Per sneak peeks, I’ve seen the sale price of 3/$9.  But, you earn $3 in ECBs.  PLUS, in 3/25’s coupon insert, there is rumored to be a SoftSoap BodyWash Q for $1!  Here’s the breakdown:

BUY THREE:  $9.00 (sale price) – $3.oo (3 $1 Manf. Qs) = $6.00 OOP + $3 ECB after purchase

It’s like paying $1 each 🙂 


I hope this rumor is true, I love SoftSoap Body Wash!! 

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The Hubby’s First Solo-Couponing Trip

I’m so proud of my Hubby!  He didn’t stick to the “game plan” aka couponing shopping strategy, but that’s NOT his fault.  Rite Aid was completely sold out of Maxwell House Coffee.  So, instead, he bought MORE Kellogg’s Cereal and Oreo’s.  I think he’s hinting at me to make him Dirt Pudding, LOL!   He completed two Transactions.

The First was just Coffee Filters and Cold Meds… Transaction #2 is where it’s at!

Transaction #2

Rite Aid had select Kellogg’s Cereals B1G1!  So, here’s what he got…

  • Two Boxes of Raisin Bran Cereal = $4.79
  • Two Boxes of Corn Pops Cereal = $4.79
  • Two Boxes of Rice Krispies Cereal = $4.79
  • Two Packages of Oreos = $5.98 (*Qualifies towards Kraft/Nabisco SCR “Single Check Rebate” )

*Rite Aid has a Single Check Rebate Program each month!  You can pick up a flier with all of the current month’s possible rebates at your local store.  From 3/7-4/3, you can earn $2.00 via REBATE by purchasing $12 worth of ANY variety Oreo’s  (you must submit by 5/3, see above link for details)!

TOTAL:  $20.39 – $20 UP+ Rewards (from Winter Savings Program) = $0.39 OOP

AWESOME JOB BABE!  Thru sales prices and UP+ Rewards, he saved $37.97… a 99% Savings!!  I’m SO proud of him 🙂

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Under the Weather, on a Gorgeous Day

No one likes to be sick.  Actually, if you’re like me, I don’t even think about not being 100%, until I’m actually sick…

I of course have caught a nasty cold bug on the most gorgeous weekend we’ve had in a Ohio’s month of March. So, here I am… miserable, congested…. the whole works, just plain feeling “icky” .  I’m just wishing I could be out enjoying the Gorgeous Ohio Weather, watching the sun rays illuminate the beautiful colors of pre-spring.  I went all winter without being sick, and now that we are only four days from spring, whammo… I’m sick.

The worse part about being under the weather, is feeling inadequate as a homemaker… a wife!  Normally, I’m taking care of the household duties, cooking, cleaning and the like. And, it is I who is the more nurturing but my Husband has been so great. I love how my he cares for me, I just love that man.  I’m trying to see the upside to being sick… it brings out the nurturing side of him 🙂  Not that he doesn’t take care of me, he does… but it’s nice to have him taking *extra* care of me.  Now… to get better.

I’ve been taking what I had thought to be the best otc meds out there, Mucinex.  Well, whatever this bug is… Mucinex is just not getting the Mucus out.  Normally, I take one dose of it and wahla, I’m much better.  I need to get some other meds but I’m not sure I want to be out and about hacking a way,  having cough attacks. So, I’m thinking of doing something that I normally would not do… ask my Hubby to go couponing on my behalf! Two good reasons, one I need different meds so I can kick this and I have a $20 UP+ reward at Rite Aid that is expiring today.  So, I asked him to do a bit of couponing and he didn’t seem all too thrilled.  He absolutely loves that I coupon, but asking him to use a coupon in a specific “game plan” is a different story.  Here’s where I hope my teaching skills, motivating skills come into play!  If I can get him to coupon as I would, even if it’s just for one trip, I have succeeded as a couponing informant.

I believe I can blame his hesitations on the several TLC’s “Extreme Couponing” shows that I had him watch with me! Because, he, has this fear of me becoming a hoarder of merchandise.  I do have two small stock piles.  A “Food” stockpile kept in the old kitchen cabinetry in our cool garage.  And, a “Non-Food” stockpile that I store on 2 long and 2 short shelfs in our Laundry Closet (I do keep our stockpile at a minimum, as I give to my Church’s Food Pantry each week and help out others in need). I agree with him though, in that there is an issue of buying something just because it’s on sale. But, there is something to be said for buying products that you need when you don’t need them.  If you do not have a stock of things you need, you’ll pay just about any price for it when you do need it.  But if you foresee the need, buy it at a rock-bottom price by matching sales with coupons and you are a Super $aver!

My Hubby loves him some coffee. And, this week Rite Aid has Maxwell House Coffee B1G1!!  Time to stock up, no?  On my list of items for him to get at Rite Aid, I listed some meds for me and two cans of Maxwell House.  His response?  “We don’t need Coffee, I already have a can.”  Yes.  I realize this, but that can will eventually run out and two cans of Coffee doesn’t take up THAT much room in our stockpile.  I told him that it’s either we do not take advantage of this sale and pay near $14 when his current can runs empty, or we can get TWO cans for about $13 now.  He get’s it… he is starting to become my Super $aver protegé!

Much of what I do doesn’t make sense at first… but it all works itself out, for a good cause…

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Today’s CVS shopping trip

Hi everyone!

Earlier this week, I posted DEALS that I found in this week’s Sales Ads. Were you able to enjoy any of the savings?  I was hoping to get to several of the stores this week, but unfortunatley, I’ve been under the weather :/  The only store I shopped at this week was CVS.  Let me break down my transactions for you!


Transaction #1: 

  • Dial NutriSkin Lotion 21oz:  Sale Price $4.99 – $1.00 Manufacturer Q = $3.99 OOP + earned $2.00 ECBs
  • Zyrtec 24hr tablets (5ct):  Sale Price $5.99 OOP + earned $5.99 ECBs
  • Schick Hydro 5 Power Select:  Sale Price $9.99 – $4 Manufacturer Q = $5.99 OOP + Earned $4.00 ECBs
  • To this transaction I also applied my printable CVS coupon of $3 off the purchase of $15+ that I earned by completing a pharmacy survey on CVS.com a few weeks ago (I HAD to use it today, as it was expiring.. *yikes*)

TOTAL:  I paid $12.97 (+$1.13 tax) OOP and earned $11.99 in ECBs

 A Savings of $15.20… 52%!  Not, including the earning of ECBs!

Transaction #2

  • 4 twelve packs of Diet Coke Caffeine Free:  $12 OOP
  • 1 twelve pack of Coke Zero:  $3 OOP

CVS is running a deal thru today (3/17), where you buy 5 twelve packs of Coke for $15 and earn $5 ECBs.  *BONUS* I had two manufacturer coupons ea. stating “$1.00 off TWO 12 packs of DIET coke,” Thus my purchasing of four diet 12 packs!

TOTAL:  $15 – $2.00 Manufacture Coupons = $13.00 – $11.99 (ECBs from Transaction #1) = $1.01 OOP (+$0.94 tax) and earned $5 ECBs.

*Don’t mind my “stockpile” of Soda!  I forgot to take the pix of the five 12packs before adding them to the pile*

 A Savings of $25.44… 93% Savings! Not including the earned ECBs!


Transaction #3 (FINAL) – items I “needed” for this weekend’s festivities!

2 bags of Chex Mix Original (8.75oz) – Sale Price of 2/$3 – $0.40 Manftr. Coupon (Save $0.40 on the purcahse of TWO Chex Mix)= $2.60

2 bags of Chex Mix Cheesy (8.75oz) – Sale Price of 2/$3 – $0.40 Manftr. Coupon (Save $0.40 on the purcahse of TWO Chex Mix) = $2.60

2 One Gallon of 2% Milk – $2.49ea = $4.98

2 Tropicana Orange Juice (59oz) – $2.99 ea – $1.00 Manufacturer Coupon (Save $1 on the purchase of TWO Tropicana = $4.98

TOTAL:  $2.60 + $2.60 + $4.98 +$4.98 = $15.16 – $5.00 ECB from Transaction #2 = $10.16 (NO tax as all items were edible!)

A Savings of $18.56…  65%!


Total Savings:  $59.20

Total Out Of Pocket (OOP):  $26.21

Total % SAVED:  69%

Not too shabby!  As Joe the Coupon Guy instructed… FREE is good, but aim to save about 70%!

I’m almost on target…  Here’s to MORE $aving$!


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Target Deals valid thru 3/10

If you have a local Target, check out all their deals!  There are several that I highly suggest that you check out.  Here are two FAB deals that you do not want to pass up (that I took advantage of)!

  1. Buy 5 Kellogg’s items and get a $5 Target Card in return.
  2. Buy 3 Olay Bar Soap or Body Washes and get a $5 Target Card in return.

Awesome, right?!  Here’s a pic of my purchases:

I qualified for both deals and broke up my purchases into 3 transactions.  Here’s how it played out:

  1. First Transaction:  I bought 5 boxes of Kellogg’s Eggo Waffles, they were on sale for $2.00ea.  I had two coupons that I used.  The 1st was $1.25 off of 3 Eggo Waffles (printable coupon that is no longer available) and the 2nd was $0.75 off 2 Eggo Waffles (from last week’s RedPlum insert).   Now for the Math:  5 boxes x $2 = $10 – (coupons) $1.25 – $0.75= $8.00.  I also bought 5 Breathe Right Strips (2ct). Target has these for only $0.99ea, BUT I had 5 $1.50 coupons for any Breathe Right 12ct and smaller.  This was my money maker. I earned $2.55 towards the eggo purchase (math: 5 x $.99 = $4.95 – coupons ($1.50×5 =$7.50) = $2.55 overage.    So, the Eggo purchase price of $8.00 –  (overage) $2.55 = $5.45 Out of Pocket +tax.  The cashier then gave me the $5 Target Gift Card because I bought 5 Kelloggs items.
  2. Second Transaction: I bought 3 bottles of Olay Body Wash.  They were on sale for $5.00ea.  I had three coupons that I used, $2.00 of the purchase of any Olay Body Wash (P&G 3/4 Insert).  Math:  3 bottles x $5.00ea = $15.00 – $5 Target Gift Card from 1st Transaction= $10.00- Coupons ($2.00 x3 = $6.00) = $4.00 Out of Pocket +tax.  The cashier then gave me another $5 Target Gift Card because I bought 3 Olay items.
  3. Third and Final Transaction:  The items that I NEEDED.  A Shower Liner ($5.99) and Cascade Action Packs (4pk for $0.97).  I had a coupon for the Cascade valued at $0.50.  Math:  $5.99+ ($0.97-$0.50= $0.74) = $6.73 – $5 Target Gift Card = $1.73 Out of Pocket +tax for the items that I needed!

All in all, I experienced about $12 OOP and got: 5 boxes of Kellogg’s Eggo Waffles, 3 Olay Body Washes, 1 4pk of Cascade, 5 2ct packs of Breath Right Strips and a Shower Liner.  Successful trip in saving near $40 🙂

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Name Brand Couponing VS. Off Brand Lower Prices

Saving money at the grocers can be done in several ways.  There is no wrong way to save money as every penny saved is a penny earned!  And, as I say, my pennies are better in my pocket than any retailer!  Your savings feat on your grocery bill can be accomplished in a number of ways.  To name a few…

  1. Only make purchases on products that are ON SALE.
  2. Form a loyalty to Off Brand/Store Brand products (which tend to be priced at a lower cost).
  3. Coupon, coupon, coupon… with the Name Brands (b/c Off Brands do not have coupons).

When I shop, I carry my shopping list (spread sheet style) and a binder full of coupons in arm.  I have every intention on utilitizing my coupons and sticking to my list.  But… let’s face it, even with coupons, sometimes name brand products are still more expensive than the lesser known or even the local brands.  I tend to buy name brand with coupons and if I don’t have a coupon, I do buy off brand items. When speaking to other saving seekers, it seems as though shoppers fall into one of two categories:  The Couponers or The Non-Couponers.   The Non-Couponers tend to shop at stores like Aldi’s that offer off brand products at a lower cost.  The Couponers seem to shop at every store that accepts coupons (especially those that double coupons) rather than the Aldi’s-like stores because they do not accept coupons.

Whether you’re a Couponer who loves coupon savings or a Non-Couponer who is loyal to buying off brand products, I think I found a way for us all to come together!  Finally, an off brand who offers coupons!   Does your local grocers carry the “Our Family” brand?  If they do, you may want to visit their website for printable coupons before heading to the grocery store, click HERE to be redirected.  Maybe you are a bit skeptical of the off brand quality.  It is true that sometime the price affects the quality.  But, I’ve tried this brand in the past and have had no issues!

Next time you’re at the grocery store, see if your grocers carry the Our Family brand.  If they do, print your coupons!  Luckily, I have a few stores that carry this brand.  And guess what?!?  Several of these stores double coupons too!!  Let the savings be MAXIMIZED!!!

Leave a comment below about your Our Family shopping adventure, money saving feats!  I’m excited to hear how much you saved 🙂

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Happy LEAP Year!

It’s February 29th!  A date that only comes every 4yrs.  In our household, this is not a date that is celebrated or even thought of that much.  But, I do admit that is a day that should be noteworthy.  Some celebrate their Birthdays or even Anniversaries on Leap Year.  I couldn’t imagine only having my actual birthdate every 4yrs!  Would that make me younger??  Litterally, it should… but years pass.  Interesting!  Ok, there was some food for thought! I wanted this post to be more informative than a personal blab of Leap Year thoughts, Lol!

I want to take this opportunity to inform you, my readers, that I’ve been posting pictures of my “mini-hauls” (aka coupon shopping trips) and posting them to my Facebook Page.  It is yet to be determined as to how I want to incorporate them into my blog. Eventually, I hope to be posting the pictures on here, too!  Enjoy… and, Happy Leap Year!

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