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Many ask how I’ve collected so many coupons in my HUGE coupon binder (even though it is a “collection” I do utilize them!).  It’s taken some time, that I do admit.  But, you can do the same!  Here are some of the ways that I’ve obtained coupons:

  • LOCAL NEWS PAPERS– The local papers circulate coupon inserts.  Check your local paper to see when they send out their inserts.  What I’ve noticed is that that different local papers have different markets, in which means that some may have more coupons than others.  You may want to try out all of your local papers to see which one you want to subscribe to (or maybe you’ll want to subscribe to them all!).  I wanted to give you my personal example from the Cleveland, OH area.   The larger paper The Cleveland Plain Dealer will have on average about 125 coupons in their weekly SS insert.  But, the smaller paper The Chronicle Telegram will have on average about 30 coupons in their weekly SS insert.  Be sure to do your research so that you’re not jipping yourself out of some really awesome money saving coupons!
  • Types of Inserts found in the News Paper – Yes, there are different inserts!  In several of my posts, I may mention an insert but ONLY post it’s corresponding abbreviation.  So, I thought I’d clarify that here for you.  SS= Smart Source (these are weekly and in my area, come in the Sunday News Paper).  P&G= Proctor & Gamble (this instert only comes the FIRST of every month).  RP= Red Plum (some markets get this insert with their Sunday News Paper but in my market it is delivered on Tuesdays with the local free paper).  Please be aware that on Holidays, there are NO coupon inserts! (i.e. If Christmas falls on a Sunday, the day SS inserts are found, the News Paper would NOT have the SS insert because it is a Holiday).
  • ONLINE – There are several ways to gain coupons using the internet.  Some manufacturers, stores, products have coupons on their own website for you to print off and use in-store. The majority of manufacturers, stores and products also have coupons on their FaceBook pages from time to time. Be sure to “Like” all the manufacturer, store and product FaceBook pages that you use.  Also, there are sites dedicated to printable coupons!  They are as follows:









http.cheapsally.com {for online promo codes and coupons}

Powered by CheapSally.com

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ALL YOU MAGAZINE–  Each issue has over $40 of coupons!!  You can pick up the monthly issue at your local Walmart Store, or subscribe!  Many of the coupons found in this magazine are rare and of higher value.  My suggested would be to pick up an issue and see if you like it… try it before you buy it (the subscription)!

  • CALLING THE MANUFACTURER– If you have a product that you absolutely love, call the manufacturer and tell them about it!  You’ll be surprised what you can get by just raving about a product that you love! Many times you’ll get coupons, sometimes they’ll give you free samples or even full-sized products.  It’s a rarity to call a manufacturer to rave about their product and not get something in return.  Let me know if this was the experience for you!
  • EXPIRED COUPONS– I would have a safe bet to think that there is NO ONE that uses ALL of their coupons.  If you do, you are truly the Coupon Champion.  I use about 40% of the coupons I obtain.  Let’s face it, I do not have the need for everything that there is a coupon in existance for.  Each month I gather all my expired coupons and drop them off at the local library.  They are then sent off to the Troops!  Did you know that the Troops can use coupons up to 6 months expired on base?  Find out if your local library does the same, or even the local VFW post.   If you do not reside in an area for expire coupon drop-off spots, you can either send them to the organization Coups for Troops or adopt a military family over seas to send your coupons directly to.  They sure do appreciate them, it’s a good cause!  IF you choose not to go this route, be sure to re-cycle your coupons with your News Papers 🙂

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