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9 Breakfast Recipes Under $1

If you don’t have a subscription to All*You Magazine, I suggest that you do! Not only will you find coupons throughout each issue, but you’ll find many money savings tips! Recently, their website had an article about saving money on Breakfast and I thought that I would share with you! HERE they list NINE Breakfast Recipes Under $1 ūüôā

Let me know if you’ll try any of these recipes! OR, share your money saving recipe ūüôā

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Under the Weather, on a Gorgeous Day

No one likes to be sick.¬† Actually, if you’re like me,¬†I don’t even think about not being 100%, until¬†I’m actually sick…

I of course have caught a nasty cold bug on the most gorgeous weekend we’ve had in a Ohio’s month of March. So, here I am… miserable, congested…. the whole works, just plain feeling “icky” .¬† I’m just wishing I could be out enjoying the Gorgeous Ohio Weather, watching the sun rays illuminate¬†the beautiful colors of pre-spring.¬† I went all winter without being sick, and now that we are only four days from spring, whammo… I’m sick.

The worse part about being under the weather, is feeling inadequate as a homemaker… a wife!¬† Normally, I’m taking care of the household duties, cooking, cleaning and the like. And, it is I who is the more nurturing but my Husband has been so great. I love how my¬†he cares for me, I just love that man.¬† I’m trying to see the upside to being sick… it brings out the nurturing side of him ūüôā¬† Not that he doesn’t take care of me, he does… but it’s nice to have him taking *extra* care of me.¬† Now… to get better.

I’ve been taking what I had thought to be the best otc meds out there, Mucinex.¬† Well, whatever this bug is… Mucinex is just not getting the Mucus out.¬† Normally, I take one dose of it and wahla, I’m much better.¬† I need to get some other meds but I’m not sure I want to be out and about hacking a way,¬† having cough attacks. So, I’m thinking of doing something that I normally would not do… ask my Hubby to go couponing on my behalf! Two good reasons, one I need different meds so I can kick this and I have a $20 UP+ reward at Rite Aid that is expiring today.¬† So, I asked him to do a bit of couponing¬†and he didn’t seem all too thrilled.¬† He absolutely loves that I coupon, but asking him to use a coupon in a specific “game plan” is a different story.¬† Here’s where I hope my teaching skills, motivating skills come into play!¬† If I can get him to coupon as I would, even if it’s just for one trip, I have succeeded as a couponing informant.

I believe I can blame his hesitations on the several¬†TLC’s “Extreme Couponing” shows that I had him watch with me! Because, he, has this fear of me becoming a hoarder of merchandise.¬† I do have two small stock piles.¬† A “Food” stockpile kept in the old kitchen cabinetry in our cool garage.¬† And, a “Non-Food” stockpile that I store on 2 long and 2 short shelfs in our Laundry Closet (I do keep¬†our stockpile¬†at a minimum, as I give to my Church’s Food Pantry each week and help out others in need). I agree with him though, in that there is an issue of buying something just because it’s on sale. But, there is something to be said for buying products that you need when you don’t need them.¬† If you do not have a stock of things you need, you’ll pay just about any price for it when you do need it.¬† But if you foresee the need, buy it at a rock-bottom price by matching sales with coupons and you are a Super $aver!

My Hubby loves him some coffee. And, this week Rite Aid has Maxwell House Coffee B1G1!!¬† Time to stock up, no?¬† On my list of items for him to get at Rite Aid, I listed some meds for me and two cans of Maxwell House.¬† His response?¬† “We don’t need Coffee, I already have a can.”¬† Yes.¬† I realize this, but that can will eventually run out and two cans of Coffee doesn’t take up THAT much room in our stockpile.¬† I told him that it’s either we do not take advantage of this sale and pay near $14 when his current can runs empty, or we can get TWO cans for about $13 now.¬† He get’s it… he is starting to become my Super $aver proteg√©!

Much of what I do doesn’t make sense at first… but it all works itself out, for a good cause…

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FREE Premium Menu Planning

Menu Planning is a LIFE SAVER!¬† It not only keeps you organized and¬†promote healthy eating but it also saves you money.¬† When I first left the corporate world and took on my new role as housewife, I did menu plan.¬† However, I’ve since gotten away from it as the site I used to plan out our meals experienced technical difficulty.¬† Without having my crutch, the awesome menu planning site, I formed a bad habit of not planning out our meals.¬† I still coupon to keep our monthly grocery expense to a minimum, but not planning out our menus has decreased the healthiness of our meals.¬† I want to start getting back into menu planning as we need to continue healthy eating and I really miss the meal organization.¬†Everyone who knows me, knows tha I tend to be a bit OCD about certain things.¬† Being organized, even if it is organized chaos, I tend to function better.

You’ll love this service as the menu planning is based on sales at your local grocery stores!¬† It allows you to stay organized by planning, eat healthier as you are planning in advance and still save money as it’s based on sales!¬† I’m blown away by this.¬† I hope you’ll be able to take advantage of the savings and services.

With Food on the Table, users will be able to:

– find thousands of easy, healthy recipes

 Рsave money by knowing the items that are on sale

 Рsimplify your shopping experience with a well organized grocery list

For more than 3 meals a week and more recipes, the member can upgrade to the premium version for a low introductory rate of $5/month.

But, there’s good news for not only me but for YOU!¬† Food on the Table is now¬†offering FREE PREMIUM Menu Planning services for life!¬† I signed up and am loving this site.¬†¬†I highly recommend this to you!¬† Hurry and sign up¬†as they are only offering this terrific deal for the first 4,000 customers. Use PROMO CODE:¬† MARFREE¬†and you’ll NEVER have to pay for this services!¬† *Note:¬† When I created my account, the code MARFREE¬†was automatically entered… hopefully this is the same for you!

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Tip Top Shape!

Keeping your Home in “Tip Top Shape” is a lot of work!¬† It takes a lot of energy, know how and organization to run your household.¬† My weakness is lack of energy and motivation.¬† So, I brainstormed and thought of ways I can motivate myself to do the same chores day in and day out.¬† I needed to break the monotony.¬† But first, I needed more energy.¬† To some, it doesn’t make sense that using energy will actually increase your energy.¬† Yes, I’m speaking of exercise!¬†¬†¬†Incorporating exercise ino my daily routine has boosted my energy levels throughout the day, in turn giving me more motivation.¬† I wanted to share with you today a great site that I stumbled upon.¬† MyFitnessPall.com!¬† It’s terrific.¬† Not only can I track my exercise but also my intake.¬† By getting myself in Tip Top Shape, I’ll be more likely to keep my Home in Tip Top Shape!¬† How do you not only keep yourself in Tip Top Shape, but also your home?¬† I need all the motivation and know-how that I can get!¬† If you already use MyFitnessPal, or you would like to join… be sure and “friend” me in their community!¬† My user name is Dchelle98, it’s simple and informative… try it, I think you might like it ūüôā

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