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Calling all Bloggers!

on April 9, 2012

It’s another GiveAway Blog Hop, FREE to join (as long as you post about it!).  If you chose not to post, you can still join for only $5!  Click HERE, or the image below to sign up.

*This is a GiveAway Hop!  Meaning that you must be hosting your own GiveAway on your blog with a value of at least $25.  Rumor has it, there are over 100 bloggers already signed up…  which means there’ll be A LOT of traffic sent your way 🙂

If interested, hurry to sign up as entries will no longer be accepted once 150 bloggers have joined.  

The GiveAway Hop Starts 4/16!

Each blogger will be conducting their own Give Away of an item valued of at least $25.  What am I giving away?  Something all new mommies, expecting mommies will love!  An UDDER  COVER!  These are perfect for nursing your bundle of joy! Not only do UdderCovers give you the privacy that you need, but it also is made of breathable cotton!  Another terrific feature is the ridgid neckline that gives you direct eye contact with your baby 🙂

The “Porter” design is Black and white, a classic!

Be sure to check back on 4/16 to find out how you can win!


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