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Today’s PINspiration

on March 28, 2012

Today, I want to feature PINspiration involving PEEPS!  Here are several super cute uses for PEEPS during this Holiday Season:

Marshmallow PEEPS Wreath!

How cute would this look on your front door?!  This wreath seems fairly simple to re-create this Easter!  Welcome your peeps, with PEEPS!

Supplies needed: 

                    • 12′ floral foam wreath
                    • 5 yards satin ribbon
                    • 20-22 Marshmallow Bunny Peeps
                    • Glue Gun

For instructions, please visit the original creator of this fantastically frugal Easter craft,  at:  Mommy Savers



The originator: SeriousEats lists several fun things that you can do to make fun and edible PEEPS creations this Easter.  Visit their site:


PEEP-riffic Floral Centerpiece!

A perfectly combined centerpiece for your Easter display!

It’s a pinktastic with several pink shades of Gerber Daisies and Pink bunny PEEPS!  This can be done in a variety of ways with different flowers, different colors and/or different PEEPS!

What I really like about this is the PEEPS lining the vase 🙂

Source:  http://www.flowerduet.com/easter-flowers.htm

PEEPS Cookies!

Sweet Sugar Belle has created this adorable cookies! This Easter baking project may be for you, IF:

  2. You just LOVE to bake
  3. You love the sugary sparkly look of PEEPS
  4. You’re not a fan of marshmallows
I’m a fan of PEEPS and I definitely fall into categories   1 & 2!!  But, for my Hubby… he doesn’t like  ANYTHING marshmallow.  So that he can partake in the PEEP fun, I’m going to make these PEEP Cookies 🙂  Thank you Sweet Sugar Belle for such a fun creation!



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