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Couponing with “Our Family”

on March 22, 2012

In my last post I spoke of the brand “Our Family,” now offering coupons.  These coupons cannot be found in any coupon insert. You must visit their website, click HERE, and you can print a variety of coupons.  Not only can I save money do to their already low prices, but now I can combine those prices with coupons that double at my local IGA (up to $0.99 face value)! Hooray!

Yesterday, I printed off some Our Family coupons and headed out to IGA.  I am not familiar with the pricing and I wanted to find out if it’s cheaper to remain couponing with the Name Brand Products or if I should continue to take advantage of Our Family’s printable coupons.

Here’s what I bought:

I only purchased Our Family products that I had a coupon for.  Here’s the break down:

  • Tub of Soft Spread (64oz): $2.89 – ($0.50 Q x 2 DBL!)  = $1.89
  • Can of Tomato Sauce:  $0.89 – ($0.25 Q x 2 DBL!) = $0.39
  • OJ: $2.99 – ($0.50 Q x 2 DBL!) = $1.99
  • Vegetable Oil (48oz) :  $3.99 – ($0.50 Q x 2 DBL!) = $2.99
  • Vinegar (85oz):  $3.29 – ($0.50 Q x 2 DBL!) = $2.29
  • Frozen Tater Puffs: $3.19 – ($0.50 Q x 2 DBL!) = $2.19
  • Margarine Sticks (1lb):  $1.39 – ($0.25 Q x 2 DBL!) = $0.89
  • BBQ Sauce:  $1.69 – ($0.50 Q x 2 DBL!) = $0.69
  • Pickles – Hamburger Dill Chips: $2.09 – ($0.50 Q x 2 DBL!) = $1.09
  • Toaster Pastries: $2.15 – ($0.50 Q x 2 DBL!) = $1.15
  • Raisin Bran Cereal: $2.99 – ($0.55 Q x 2 DBL!) = $1.89

$27.55 before the coupons were applied.  After coupons my total came to: $16.95, a $avings of 38%.

I’m still not sold on purchasing Off Brand products.  It appears that I still save more buying Name Brand Products with coupons.   For the above mentioned shopping trip, the items that I believe to have gotten a terrific price (per oz) on were:  Vinegar, Tomato Sauce, BBQ Sauce, Pickles and the Toaster Pastries.  What are your thoughts?  Will you coupon with Our Family Products?


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