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The Hubby’s First Solo-Couponing Trip

on March 18, 2012

I’m so proud of my Hubby!  He didn’t stick to the “game plan” aka couponing shopping strategy, but that’s NOT his fault.  Rite Aid was completely sold out of Maxwell House Coffee.  So, instead, he bought MORE Kellogg’s Cereal and Oreo’s.  I think he’s hinting at me to make him Dirt Pudding, LOL!   He completed two Transactions.

The First was just Coffee Filters and Cold Meds… Transaction #2 is where it’s at!

Transaction #2

Rite Aid had select Kellogg’s Cereals B1G1!  So, here’s what he got…

  • Two Boxes of Raisin Bran Cereal = $4.79
  • Two Boxes of Corn Pops Cereal = $4.79
  • Two Boxes of Rice Krispies Cereal = $4.79
  • Two Packages of Oreos = $5.98 (*Qualifies towards Kraft/Nabisco SCR “Single Check Rebate” )

*Rite Aid has a Single Check Rebate Program each month!  You can pick up a flier with all of the current month’s possible rebates at your local store.  From 3/7-4/3, you can earn $2.00 via REBATE by purchasing $12 worth of ANY variety Oreo’s  (you must submit by 5/3, see above link for details)!

TOTAL:  $20.39 – $20 UP+ Rewards (from Winter Savings Program) = $0.39 OOP

AWESOME JOB BABE!  Thru sales prices and UP+ Rewards, he saved $37.97… a 99% Savings!!  I’m SO proud of him 🙂

One response to “The Hubby’s First Solo-Couponing Trip

  1. Missy says:

    What an awesome hubby! I coupon Riteaid and have sent hubby on missions there before too. He’s not as good about splitting up the transactions as I am but it’s okay, we can always use the UPs and rebates another week I figure.

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