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The Life of a HouseWife… with a side of Thriftiness!

Happy LEAP Year!

on February 29, 2012

It’s February 29th!  A date that only comes every 4yrs.  In our household, this is not a date that is celebrated or even thought of that much.  But, I do admit that is a day that should be noteworthy.  Some celebrate their Birthdays or even Anniversaries on Leap Year.  I couldn’t imagine only having my actual birthdate every 4yrs!  Would that make me younger??  Litterally, it should… but years pass.  Interesting!  Ok, there was some food for thought! I wanted this post to be more informative than a personal blab of Leap Year thoughts, Lol!

I want to take this opportunity to inform you, my readers, that I’ve been posting pictures of my “mini-hauls” (aka coupon shopping trips) and posting them to my Facebook Page.  It is yet to be determined as to how I want to incorporate them into my blog. Eventually, I hope to be posting the pictures on here, too!  Enjoy… and, Happy Leap Year!


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