With A Side Of Thriftiness

The Life of a HouseWife… with a side of Thriftiness!

Hello world!

Welcome to “With a Side of Thriftiness!”  I’m so excited to launch my new blog!  Many of you know that I competed in a National Blogging competition last year.  Although I did not win the Top Prize of a $100,000 1yr contract to blog with Cheap Sally, I did myself proud to have placed 12th in the Nation and 1st in my state of Ohio.  Thank you so much for all of you who have supported me thru this competition!

It was great to know that I, a “newbie” at couponing an saving money on everyday items, could hold my own vs. Seasoned Savers!  Another benefit to have competed, was the offer to Blog with Bloggerlicious!  Bloggerlicious will be launching soon and only a select few have been chosen to join this blogging platform!

There are several exciting things happening that I cannot disclose at this time, but I cannot wait to get started.   As a part of the Bloggerlicious community, I will be reviewing products that you can find here on this blog.  I don’t know what God has instore for me this year, but all this buzz sure sounds exciting!

I’ve always had a personal blog, and my most recent is Pinterest365.  I want my Bloggerlicious Blog to be more professional and have some Cents of Saving (like my play on words?!?).    After brainstorming with some of the countries lead bloggers, I’ve decided upon the blog name “With a Side of Thriftiness!”  I want my blog to be about the Life of a House Wife, a medley of sorts.  And, because I wanted to have some focus geared toward saving money, thus the birth of this blog.

Life is busy in today’s world.  But, we can still be thrifty!  In this blog I am pursuing to speak of the following topics:

  • Home Matters  (This topic involves your Home, because Home Matters!  From Aprons to Zone Cleaning, and everything inbetween!)
  • Faith Food (Just as our bodies need to be fed, as do our souls!  Faith Food does just that.  God IS Love!
  • PINspiration (I admit, yes, I am a Pinterest addict!  It’s amazing that an addiction can lead to such productivity and creativity.  Maybe, this is why I’m addicted?  I hope to pass on the inspiration I find on Pnterest to you, my readers!)
  • Deals! (On-Line and In-Store Deals found and shared for all!)
  • Lo.Co. ONLY (All the DEALS and STEALOS found locally, mainly in Lorain County, OH.  This is for all my LoCo peeps, enjoy!)
  • Reviews (I am anticipating receiving products from manufacturers in which I will be paid to review.  My findings will be shared to make you an educate consumer.)
  • Freebies (From time to time, nearly daily, I find items that you can obtain for FREE!  Mostly, this items are samples and or coupons, but Free is good right?  Most freebies require one to sign up for an account or via e-mail to receive an item, FREE of charge!)
  • GiveAways (At various points in time, I will either be hosting or partaking in GiveAways.  The GiveAways that I host/co-host will be posted here with all the details on how you can win.  Other GiveAways that I partake in,  I’ll be sure to spread the good news to you!  We all have a chance!)
  • Uncatergorized (Randomness!)
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